Westport scallop season to open Saturday

Westport scallop season to open Saturday


WESTPORT —The Board of Selectmen agreed unanimously last week to open scallop season at sunrise this Saturday, Oct. 13.

Shellfish Constable, Gary Sherman had recommended a Monday, Oct. 15, opening in a letter, stating, “Some adult scallops and some seed scallops have been seen, and I feel the public should be allowed to try for themselves.”

Selectmen took his advice but were looking into whether that opening could be moved forward to the morning of Saturday, Oct. 13, to give people the advantage of a full first weekend. That even earlier open will, in fact, now happen.

A license, available at the Town Clerk’s office, is needed to take scallops from the river. For a resident family, that license costs $25 (non-resident $125) and entitles the family to 1 1/2 bushels per week. A senior license costs $10. The town shellfish department will be out checking on licenses and catch limits.

A commercial license ($150) entitles a catch of up to seven bushels a day.

To avoid trouble, scallopers should read the rules posted on the town website.