Westport residents: Return those census forms

Westport residents: Return those census forms


The Westport Board of Registrars has mailed the 2013 annual census forms to every household in town. A yearly census is mandated by the state and the forms must be returned in the envelopes provided.

Any resident who has not received a form, especially those in new dwellings, should notify the office at 636-1001.

Residents should follow the instructions on the back of the form, and provide information on any new residents or family members who have moved along with their new addresses.

Those who do not return their forms will have their voting status changed to inactive per state law.

The local census is important to provide an accurate population count and street listings. It also is vital for school enrollment planning, senior citizen needs, veterans benefits and determining the state aid that the town will receive.

There are drop-off census boxes in front of Town Hall next to the mail boxes.