Police say Westport man raped, kidnapped woman cab driver

Police say Westport man raped, kidnapped woman cab driver

Nathan Bird (Westport Police photo)

Nathan Bird (Westport Police photo)
Nathan Bird (Westport Police photo)
Police have arrested a Westport man on charges that he raped and kidnapped a woman taxi cab driver in the early morning hours of  Wednesday, Jan. 30.

Westport Police working with Dartmouth Police arrested Nathan M Bird, 22, of 357 Fisher Road in Westport, for the crimes of aggravated rape and kidnapping. Following his arrest Friday, Mr. Bird was transported to Fall River District Court for his arraignment.

The arrest follows an investigation by police from both towns after the cab driver reported being sexually assaulted and kidnapped by her passenger.  These crimes were reported to have occurred in both towns.

Westport Police Sergeant Anthony Cestodio said the first assault took place in Dartmouth and that the second happened in Westport.

In both instances, he said, the man forced the driver, a Fall River resident, to pull over in an area “that was more residential than commercial” in nature.

The assailant did not show a weapon, “but she was not free to go,” Sgt. Cestodio said, hence the kidnapping charge.

After the assaults, the woman drove herself back to the taxi company where her employer called police. Detectives then interviewed her at the hospital where she was taken for treatment.

Asked about her condition, Det. Cestodio said that physically she is doing better, but that emotionally she is still very upset. Because the charges involve sexual assault, police declined to provide further information about the victim. They also did not say what about the assault caused the charge to be elevated to”aggravated.”

After his arraignment, Mr. Bird was released on bail.