Westport Legion to burn flags, the right way

Westport Legion to burn flags, the right way


WESTPORT — On Saturday, Sept. 29 at 1 p.m. the Westport American Legion will conduct a ceremonial “retirement of colors” at the James Morris (American Legion) Post 145 at 489 Sansford Road in Westport.

Commander of the Westport American Legion Lino Rego, who announced the event, said the ceremony — which involves burning old American flags that are “frayed or tattered and torn,” or just plain old — “is the proper way to dispose of the colors.” All the flags to be disposed of are “unserviceable.”

“We go through a ritual,” Mr. Rego said, in disposing of flags. “We’ll probably do two flags,” he said, which will be handed off the members of the Westport Fire Department, which will place them appropriately in a pit, where they will be burned.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Rego said, will be retired Lieutenant Colonel Noelle Briand, who graduated from Westport High School in 1986, is a resident of Westport, and a veteran of the Gulf War.

The ceremony, he said, is expected to take about one to two hours.

“We haven’t done a retirement of colors in the past seven years,” he said. The flags to be disposed of Saturday represent “an accumulation just over the last year. To do all the flags we have would take hours and hours.” He said he didn’t know how many they have.

Mr. Rego said people with flags they want to dispose of can leave them with the American Legion post. “We have a disposal container on the front deck,” he said.