Wendy’s serves its last burger in Bristol

Wendy’s serves its last burger in Bristol

The former Wendy's Hamburgers restaurant may soon become a Bank Five branch, if all goes according to plan.

As of Thursday, Bristol will say good-bye to the signature square “hot ‘n juicy” hamburgers, such as the “Baconator,” a baked potato on the side, and a creamy smooth Frosty – in chocolate or vanilla – to end what was arguably the town’s greatest fast food meal. At the close of business on Thursday, December 20, Wendy’s Hamburgers, the fast food franchise that opened its doors on Metacom Avenue in 2002 will serve up its last batch of burgers and fries.

Jennifer Abreu, district manager for the restaurant chain, was on site during the day, in preparation for the closing. She did not give any reason for the store’s closure.

“It was decided not to renew the lease,” Ms. Abreu said.

Vice president of communications, Denny Lynch, confirmed the closure on Thursday afternoon.

“We did not have enough sales at tat location,” he said of the company’s decision not to renew the lease.

The hamburger restaurant was a fixture at the intersection of Metacom Avenue and Gooding Avenue. Built in 2002, the store served many customers over the past 10 years.

Earlier in the week, rumors began swirling through town that Wendy’s would close, but that went unconfirmed until Ms. Abreu answered the phone on Thursday afternoon.

Such a loss of business is expected to have an impact on the town’s economy. The restaurant employed approximately 25 workers in a mix of full and part-time positions, Ms. Abreu said.

Employees were offered positions at other area Wendy’s restaurants when they were notified of the closing, Mr. Lynch said.

It wasn’t immediately known how much the business generated in tax revenues for the town, nor how much in property tax it pays to Bristol.

The property, including 40,000 square feet of land and the building is valued at just over $1 million according to the most recent property assessment.