We shall definitely retain our place as the best of the worst

We shall definitely retain our place as the best of the worst


Great days ahead for Rhode Island. We shall definitely retain our place as the best of the worst. Once again, we rewarded our favorite politicians with another term and continue in our one-party system rule. Why have any checks and balances?

Nothing stands in the way of a prevailing party rule. Everything seems to be going smoothly ahead. I mean Theresa Paiva-Weed and Gordon Fox have private SUVs and drivers (who I am sure get great government pay, benefits and a swell pension) to take them on their little excursions through this huge state. Why drive themselves, their importance is just too incomprehensible for us dolts to imagine, yet we must pay for their exclusive luxury. Nothing but the best for our wonderful pols.
The unemployment here remains above ten percent, but Nordstrom’s Rack just opened and that’s about 70 more part-time, minimum wage jobs. That seems very promising. Maybe we can get even more retail stores on Route 2 because it’s not glutted enough with retail. More stores seems pretty reasonable in a state where Obama phones and government handouts and free stuff is what we expect out of our government. Cicilline promised stuff, Whitehouse promised stuff, the democrats always promise stuff, I hope they keep their promisexs. I guess the prospect of having to be independent and wanting freedom from government is much too frightening, in fact, it’s totally radical and extremist. Having the government regulating everything we do is much less stressful, saves you the stress of having to think for yourself.
Europeans have enjoyed the largess of government being their benefactor, providing all their needs and it’s worked out so well for them. Heck, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, they are all doing great. Hopefully, the U.S. will achieve their great standard of living.

— By Fran Brelsford