Warren’s ‘Lorax’ tree is no more

Robbie and Lizzy DaCosta play with the Lorax last Spring.


Robbie and Lizzy DaCosta play with the Lorax last Spring.

A large, unsightly tree stump on upper Water Street is gone. DPW workers came out Thursday afternoon and pulled and grinded the old stump down to nothing, leaving just sawdust. Remember it? The stump was about three feet tall and was the only thing left of a large maple cut down by the town almost three years ago.  Last spring the ugly stump briefly became home to the Lorax, Dr. Suess’s mythical animal that speaks for the trees. An unknown artist made the plywood Lorax and left it on the tree, though it only lasted a few days before someone stole it. The DPW’s Judy Fardig said there was talk more recently of having a Warren chainsaw artist shape the stump into a sea captain, but the stump was too rotted out to carve.



  1. CM said:

    The Lorax was never stolen. It was taken down by the same people who put it up. I don’t know what their purpose was in claiming that it was stolen.

    At that time there was a bunch of young guys living across the street and slightly south from the stump. The artist lived in that building. It should be noted that someone in that building (probably the artist) was vandalizing the neighborhood with stickers that had a racoon face on it. He also vandalized the Warren convenience store at Main St. and Haile St. (the last time I checked, the vandalism could still be seen from the bike path). Although I believe the artist has moved out of town, more of those stickers went up last spring (most of them have since been taken down). It should also be noted that the Lorax is a copyrighted image, and that the artist was violating the law by reproducing it. There have been other so-called artists whose art is just vandalism. Let’s recognize them for what they are.

  2. CM said:

    I should clarify that the vandalism to the Warren convenience store wasn’t just a little sticker. This so-called artist put up a life-size image of a man with a racoon head. This so-called artist has clearly got identity problems.

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