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Warren woman hopes for return of stolen treasures

By   /   October 19, 2012  /   Be the first to comment

To the editor:

My home was broken into on Sept. 17, 2012, at approximately 10:30 a.m. while we were at work. While I mourn the loss of all my treasures, the most profound losses were: my great-grandmother’s wedding band from 190?, as it was in my family over 100 years; my heart pendant with all the repairs on the chain, as it was broken by my (now adult) sons as I nursed them; the blue topaz pendant and earrings made by my husband’s uncle for our 20th wedding anniversary, as his uncle is in his early

At left is a new wedding band made from the Silvas’ old bands. At right is a man’s ring, sixe 15, with a black onyx guitar pick inset with a small diamond and alexandrite mounted on the onyx. It is made of yellow gold taken from Mr. Silva’s mother’s jewelry after she passed away in 2008.

90’s now and no longer making jewelry; my husband’s wedding band, as it was made from our original wedding bands for our 25th wedding anniversary and had 5 ten-point diamonds to also celebrate his 50th birthday; and a ring made in 2008 from his mother’s jewelry after she passed away, including his birthstone from her “mother’s ring.” I have attached a list of the jewelry and CGI of the rings made for my husband.

I am outraged that this crime wave has shaken our community and feel outraged and sad for the other families who are going through what we are going through — the loss of security in our own homes, the sense of violation in our homes, the loss of sentimental cherished family keepsakes. I feel outrage that as a society we have become complacent about robberies. It would be nice if all media outlets could work with law enforcement to force the judges to hand down sentences that would make one think twice before helping himself to others’ property.

If you would be so kind as to run the attached pictures in your media, I would be so grateful. If someone has seen the rings, hopefully they will remember and do the right thing … especially the black onyx one, as it truly is one of a kind.  The wedding band is quite unusual, as it is a size 16 – easily 2-2 1/2 inches in diameter. If anyone has seen the rings, please contact Detective Beaulieu of the Warren Police at 245-1311. I don’t want to pass judgment on anyone, I don’t want to get an innocent person in trouble, I just want to get back that which was stolen from me and has so much sentimental value…

Best regards,

Pauline Silva

View at full size for a full list of stolen items.

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