DePasquale in, Bolster out in Warren Town Council race

DePasquale in, Bolster out in Warren Town Council race

Joseph DePasquale is the newest member of the Warren Town Council.

Joseph DePasquale is the newest member of the Warren Town Council.
Former Warren Town Councilor Joseph DePasquale will get another chance to serve his town.

The Independent council candidate placed third in voting for five seats on the council, assuring himself a seat even as voters rejected outgoing councilor Davison Bolster, who finished sixth. Also making the cut were incumbent Democrats David Frerichs, the top vote getter, Cathie Tattrie, the second highest, and the fourth and fifth place finishers, Republican Chris Stanley, the current council president, and Independent Scott Lial.

Mr. DePasquale, who served eight years on the council before trying unsuccessfully to unseat District 67 Representative Jan Malik two years ago, watched the results come in at Mr. Lial’s home, while the rest of the Independents congregated at Stella Blues restaurant. After it was clear that he’d won a seat, Mr. DePasquale said he was humbled.

“It sounds corny but it’s true,” he said. “This is about people’s trust. We’ve got a $23 million budget, a lot of big issues, a lot of responsibility. It’s not a joke.”

But he’s happy to get a chance to tackle Warren’s issues, he said.

Mr. DePasquale spent less than $500 on his campaign, pledging along with Mr. Lial to not spend more than $1,000 and not accept any donations over $100. He did very little advertising, spending most of his money on flyers. His simple approach, he said, was to put his name out there.

“That was what this campaign was all about,” he said.

Catherine Tattrie
Over at the German Club on Kelly Street, Ms. Tattrie said she was very happy to see the numbers come in where they did. The vote of confidence given her by the voters was nice to see, she said, and she’s looking forward to getting back to work. Though she was waiting to answer a reporter’s questions, she didn’t have to respond when asked what the numbers told her:

“It means a lot of people like her!” piped in a voice from behind her.

After a few claps and some laughs died down, Ms. Tattrie said the numbers were telling. Mr. Bolster, she said, “had a very select group of supporters, and it doesn’t extend to the entire town, apparently.”

She said she believes president Chris Stanley has done a good job over the past two years, and admitted that he as president has had a tough job. It may be one she may have to consider once the council meets for its organizational meeting later this month. Last term, top vote getter David Frerichs declined the council presidency. If he declines it again, it is quite possible that Ms. Tattrie, the second highest vote getter, will be nominated. Will she accept?

“Its a commitment that id have to think about,” she said.

Davison Bolster.
For Mr. Bolster, the election was a tough blow, though he said “I’ll be around” after the numbers came in.

Supporters watching the results  at Stella Blues wished Mr. Bolster good luck after the final numbers were counted, thanking him for his service and toasting his two years on the council.

“As Jim Mckenna used to say, I get more done off the council than on the council,” he told the small group.

Rounding out the voting were Richard Silva (1,512 votes) and Brian Mellor (1,331 votes).

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  1. Well obviously there was no love lost between Kathy Tattrie and Davison Bolster. Davison Bolster and Kathy Tattrie couldn’t be more opposite in their views about town development. Davison advocated for smart and progressive ideas, taking into consideration the identity and resources we have here: amazing farmland (quickly loseing it) one of the last historic working waterfronts in RI, 300 years of historic architecture (continuing to lose more of it). We need at least one person who cares about these assets. It is very obvious that she could not wait to gloat about his loss; very ungracious of her.
    What is your vision and plan for Warren Ms. Tattrie?

    • I would hope that Ms. Tattrie’s plan for Warren’s future includes, as she stated, a full review of the proposed Comprehensive Plan. This draft document is decidedly preservation oriented, and gives short shrift to economic development. Planning is defined as the process of setting goals, developing strategies, and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals.Open space preservation should most certainly be one goal of town planners, but not the only goal. Such preservation should be balanced with a robust tax base, with new participants where appropriate, or those funding our community will continue to see our tax liabilities rise to new heights. New participants should be welcomed, and there desire to have facilities suited to sustain their specific business operations should be given due consideration. When the need arises to fund projects such as the Water Street sewer line repair, the value of an expanded tax base can be appreciated. As matters are, those types of costs always fall to the same taxpayers.
      Those who vote to maintain the status quo often champion the renovation and reuse of older existing buildings. It is true that many vacant structures line Metacom Ave.and Main Street. The reasons for this are varied, but leading them is the fact that we live in one of the most decidedly anti-business states in the nation. Why would someone hoping to build a successful business open in RI? Perhaps the fact that Rhode Island’s business climate is ranked 49th out of 50 is of no consequence to some, but it a statistic that does little to improve our unemployment numbers. For our own well being, this position must improve, and that improvement begins at the local level. I trust that our leaders appreciate the benefits of supporting those businesses that might choose to move to our town, in the hope that “the people who define Warren” can continue to afford to live here.

  2. Perhaps Ms. Tattrie could take a lesson from the ‘Big Democrats’ down in Washington and the proper way to win graciously. I do not recall President Obama directing disparaging remarks towards Mr. Romney in his victory speech. I do not recall him mocking him and his ‘elite job creators’ either. No, instead he thanked him and his supporters for their hard fought campaign and his families long term dedicated service to our country. Mr. Bolster has served Warren proudly for a very long time and although you and he may disagree on principal you cannot disregard his effort. Ms. Tattrie the time for reconciliation is now. Rise above the politics and be gracious in victory. Now is the time to salute your opponents and thank them for true dedicated service regardless of past disagreements.

    “Select Group” of supporters sounds like more divisive talk and not befitting of an elected official who may be called on to lead the council. Just as President Obama faces a divided government with disparate views so too does the Warren Town Council. Yet we still expect more from him and results as well. We expect no less form our elected officials as well. I implore you to use an open mind and seek compromise that both conservatives and liberals, “select groups” and the rest of town, can agree upon. For the next four years President Obama will lead both red states and blue. You were elected in Warren by the entire town now set the example.

  3. Mr. Bolster, Ms. Tattrie said, “had a very select group of supporters, and it doesn’t extend to the entire town, apparently.”
    In presidential election years, many people just come in and vote straight party ticket, and explains why two candidates who barely showed up for the race received the votes they did. Davison Bolster earned his 2000 votes by being a consistent and hard-working advocate for what he believes, and Ms. Tattrie’s remark is dismissive of the “very select group” of 2000 Warrenites who supported him. I hope that in the next two years you show more respect for opposing views and accept that we all have to work together.