Warren recycled 1,250 tons last year

Warren recycled 1,250 tons last year


Every man, woman and child in Warren turned in 236 pounds of recyclables this past year, according to state recycling records and a comparison of state census figures.

Overall, Warren’s 10,611 residents recycled 1,250 tons of plastic, paper, metal and other recyclables during the fiscal year that ran from July 2011 through June 2012. Where does that put the town, recycling-wise? Somewhere in the middle. Though Barrington residents led the way in recycling 272 pounds per person, both Barrington and Warren ranked far ahead of Bristol, where residents recycled just 137 pounds over the course of the year. The state average was 172 pounds per person.

The figures come as the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation recently announced that it is cutting Warren a check for $26,817.97, which is the town’s share of a statewide profit sharing arrangement that will distribute $1.94 million in recycling profits to Rhode Island’s cities and towns.

The money comes from the sale of recyclables collected by the state, and is meant to be reinvested in the town’s recycling program.