Warren police stop man with axe, spot bald eagles

Warren police stop man with axe, spot bald eagles


warren-police-cruiser - stockimageMonday, Jan. 28

Items were reported stolen from two cars parked overnight on Maple Road.

Francisco G. Pacheco, 38, of 124 Child St., first floor, was charged with domestic simple assault/battery, domestic disorderly conduct and violating a no contact order, after a man went to police headquarters to report being assaulted by his brother.

Police were called out to a civil dispute on Market Street.

A Milwaukee Avenue woman reported the theft of a silver item from her home.

A Child Street man asked that police remove his son from the home.

A Child Street resident reported a truck and small car driving around in circles in a nearby parking lot.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

Credit card fraud was reported on Asylum Road.

A Crescent Street resident reported seeing something strange out on the water. It turned out to be two bald eagles.

A cow went for walkabout on Old Market Street, but was only loose for a short time before the animal control officer rounded it up.

Police spotted kids playing on the ice on Market Street and told them to leave.

Police were called out to a verbal argument on Metacom Avenue.

Shots were reported fired on Hall Avenue. The report proved unfounded.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

Though police received a call about dogs attacking cattle on Barton Avenue, the animal control officer found nothing amiss when she checked it out.

Batteries were reported stolen from equipment stored at a Child Street site.

An erratic driver was reported stolen on Main Street.

Police got a call that a car was circling the Water/Bridge Street neighborhood.

Thursday, Jan. 31

A suspicious person spotted walking on Metacom Avenue shortly before 2:30 a.m. was just walking home from a friend’s house on Vernon Street.

Kids were spotted playing on the dam just south of the water authority offices on Child Street.

Two suspicious cars were spotted on Touisset Road.

A driver asleep at the wheel was spotted on Arlington Avenue just before 11 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 1

A Cutler Street resident complained to police that his girlfriend wouldn’t leave.

A Sisson Street home was reported broken into.

A fake ID was spotted at a Metacom Avenue business.

Police were asked to disperse a drunken man who was standing in front of a RIPTA bus at Main Street and Warren Avenue.

Saturday, Feb. 2

Irene S. Rebelo, 30, of East Providence, was charged with obstructing an officer in the execution of his duty, after police pulled her over on Main Street at 12:58 a.m. She was also cited for driving with a denied, suspended or revoked license.

Paul H. Cordeiro, 40, of Bristol, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, first offense, after police pulled him over on Metacom Avenue at 3:11 a.m.

Items were reported stolen from a Bagy Wrinkle Cove home.

Police were asked to disperse an unwanted woman from a Metacom Avenue address.

A Coomer Avenue woman reported the fraudulent use of a credit card.

An unruly juvenile was reported on Miller Street.

A woman who tried to use a fake ID at a Metacom Avenue establishment left before police arrived.

A man found an ATM card and turned it in to police.

Sunday, Feb. 3

Deborah F. Shannon, 52, of Swansea, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, first offense, and refusal to submit to a chemical test, after police pulled her over on Highview Avenue at midnight.

A man asked to speak to police about a previous assault.

Police got a call that there was a man on Main Street wearing a black leather jacket and carrying an axe. Police showed up and found the axe, which the man had dropped, and caught up with the man, who they let go on his way.

Monday, Feb. 4

A loud music call came in from Metacom Avenue.

A Bridge Street woman told police that someone broke into her house.