Warren police negotiate new pact with town

Warren police negotiate new pact with town


Warren Police Sgt. Michael Marcello answers a call on his radio.Members of Warren’s police union have started negotiations with the town on a new contract to replace their current three-year pact, which expires at the end of June.

Members of the Warren Town Council last week held a meeting with officials from the International Brotherhood of Police Officers local 470, but there is no timetable on concluding negotiations. Sgt. Mike Marcello is president of the union, which represents 21 police officers.

 The town’s only other union, the United Steelworkers Local 14845 Unit 2, is under contract with the town until June 30, 2015. That union represents workers at the Department of Public Works, town hall clerks and dispatchers at the police station.

Click here for a copy of the police contract

Click here for a copy of the Steelworkers contract


  1. Negotiations with both unions should have been started, and concluded, prior to the Financial Town Meeting. Preferably before the budget cycle even started.

  2. Contract looks pretty fair, though the clothing allowance of 800.00 a year paid directly to the officer and the additional 850.00 a year for maintenance of clothing paid directly to the officer without any receipts, seems like more of a bonus. ( My company doesn’t pay for my dry cleaning or clothes)
    The longevity bonuses are over the top,
    and holidays really should be shaved down in this time of economic crisis. RI independence day, their birthday and some full day biennially between president elections? Really?
    Oh and 4 years of medical paid to anyone retiring seems a bit much, there are state plans for that.