Warren Police: 11 arrests, runaway kayak, hungry coyote

Warren Police: 11 arrests, runaway kayak, hungry coyote



WARREN — Warren police officers arrested 11 people, chased away a kayaker, took a report for loose chickens and heard several complaints for loud noise from July 30 to Aug. 5.

Monday, July 30

The Quahog Festival sign on Market Street was knocked over.

Loose chickens were spotted on Hope Street.

Arthur Smith, 47, of Portsmouth, turned himself in on a warrant for felony assault with a dangerous weapon or substance, domestic vandalism malicious injury to property and domestic disorderly conduct.

Police stopped to deal with people arguing at Child and Cutler streets.

A Coomer Avenue man reported a past theft.

Police dispersed a woman who was attempting to launch a kayak from the Warren Town Beach.

Brian Thomas, 20, of 7 Davis St., third floor ,was arrested on a bench warrant issued from Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

A person was injured after a car struck a building at Metacom and Patterson avenues.

Police got a call about kids throwing rocks at lights and hanging from the volleyball nets on Asylum Road.

Police were called to a domestic dispute on Wood Street.

Melissa J. Curt, 39, of Providence, was cited for driving after the denial, suspension or revocation of her license, after police pulled her over on Market Street.

Police received a call about a man walking two pit bulls on Railroad Avenue.

Tuesday, July 31

Richard R. Froias, 49, of 6 Greenhouse Court, was pulled over on Arlington Avenue at 12:04 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, first offense, and refusal to submit to a chemical test.
Police were called to Manning Street at 3:45 a.m. for a report of people yelling.
A Manning Street woman called police at 5:14 a.m. to report being harassed by her landlord. She called back about an hour later to report that her landlord was burning her oil.

A woman came into the station to report an ongoing noise problem at Lincoln Avenue and Sixth Street.

Brian Wynott, 29, of Woonsocket, was arrested on a bench warrant issued from Sixth Division District Court in Providence, and also on a Family Court warrant, after police pulled him over on Arlington Avenue.

Police were asked to disperse an unwanted woman from a Hope Street home.
Police delivered a no trespass order on Davis Street.

A cat complaint came in from Chestnut Street.

A Lambert Lane woman reported a possible breaking and entering at her home after noticing the garage/house door and kitchen cabinets open upon her return home.

A caller found a baggy with a white powdery substance in it on Market Street.

An Arlington Avenue woman reported being harassed by her neighbors.

A Wood Street woman reported that she and her family were being harassed.

Wednesday, Aug. 1

Kailey A. Bell, 23, of 7 Emery Drive, was cited for driving after the denial, suspension or revocation of her license.

A barking dog call came in from William Avenue.

A loose dog was called in from Grand View Avenue.

A Fairview Avenue woman told police that a neighbor may have been tampering with her mail. Police were called to a landlord/tenant dispute on Seymour Street.

A Manning Street woman told police that her landlord may have entered her apartment while she was gone, without giving her notice. Police determined that it was actually the woman’s boyfriend.

Police were called to Main Street for a landlord/tenant dispute.

A South Grove Avenue resident called police to complain about kids playing in the area.

The landlord of a Manning Avenue apartment said he heard what sounded like a woman hitting her kids on the second floor. Police reported no problem.

Loud music was reported on Water Street at 9:01 p.m. Police noted that the noise was not loud enough to violate the town’s ordinances; they were permitted to continue playing until 11 p.m., police noted.

Police received a call from Ellis Avenue about women fighting.

A man and woman were reported arguing on Market Street.

A man on a bike told police that a man jumped in front of him at Main and Water streets.

A car was spotted doing donuts in the parking lot of a Metacom Avenue business.

Thursday, Aug. 2

Thomas M. O’Connell, 54, of 15 Company St., first floor, was charged with domestic simple assault/battery and domestic disorderly conduct, after police received a call for help at 1:16 a.m.

A resident found a syringe on Everett Street.

A caller complained at 6:31 a.m. about an air cannon being used on Serpentine Road.

A Davis Street man told police he suspected someone of tampering with his mail.

A Child Street woman told police her ex-boyfriend was harassing and threatening her.

An unruly juvenile was reported at the Hugh Cole School.

A Market Street woman called police, then hung up on the line. Police determined she was upset that her landlord was having a party. Police advised her, however, that he has that right.

A woman reported receiving harassing and threatening telephone calls.

Warren harbor officials headed to Bristol to help search for the owner of an aluminum skiff found floating unoccupied, except for a dog, in Bristol Harbor. The owner was eventually located safe and sound.

An Almy Avenue resident reported a possible scam.

The harbor patrol helped retrieve an unoccupied kayak that got away from its owner, in Barrington.

A possible drunk driver was reported on Child Street, but police reported no problem.

Friday, Aug. 3

A Joseph Drive man reported receiving harassing calls and texts from a former landlord.

A resident called after seeing a dog locked in a car on Child Street.

Two neighbors were spotted yelling at each other on Market Street.

Two men who got into an argument on a RIPTA bush continued it on the sidewalk when they disembarked at Main and Franklin streets. Police arrived and broke it up.

A Touisset Road resident called police after spotting what appeared to be a coyote with a fox in its mouth.

A father came in with his unruly son. Officers spoke to the boy.

Nelson Amaral, 37, of Bristol, was arrested on a bench warrant issued from Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

An erratic driver was spotted on Main Street.

Police received a complaint about people quahogging on Water Street.

Francisco Mello, 55, of Bristol, was charged with disorderly conduct after a disturbance on Market Street.

A fireworks complaint came in from Barney Street.

Saturday, Aug. 4

An employee at a Child Street watering hole complained to police that two men left with beers in their hands and without paying their tabs.

Two people were reported arguing on Child Street.

A car struck a building on Metacom Avenue.

A lawn trimmer was reported stolen from a shed on Main Street.

A Main Street woman reported credit card fraud.

Police were called to a neighborhood dispute on Broad Street.

Two people were arrested when police went to Market Street to pick up a person on a warrant. Arrested on a warrant from Sixth Division District Court in Providence was Diane K. Garvin, 18, of Harrisville; also charged was Brandon Raposa, 20, of the same address in Harrisville. He was charged with obstructing a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Sunday, Aug. 5

A trailer on Main Street was vandalized.

A man was reportedly harassing employees at a Child Street business.

Police dispersed kids who were riding go-karts in a Market Street parking lot.

A panhandler was reported on Main Street.

An aggressive driver was reported on Water Street.