Warren police logs: Cow goes on walkabout

Warren police logs: Cow goes on walkabout


Warren Police Sgt. Michael Marcello answers a call on his radio.Monday, March 31

The animal control officer looked for, but was unable to find, a husky that had gotten loose around Metacom Avenue.

A Market Street resident reported the theft of property; however, police said the items may have been misplaced.

A man and woman on Wood Street were reported screaming at each other.

Tuesday, April 1

A man asked for a police escort before heading to a home on Mulberrty Street to pick up some belongings.

Police got a call about a car doing burnouts on Davis Street.

Wednesday, April 2

Someone complained about loud music on Market Street.

May be time to look for a better deal. A motorist asked for police assistance after a Nissan Frontier being driven on Water Street broke down during a test drive.

A Miller Street shop owner reported possible shoplifting.

John J. Fernandez, 51, of Providence, was picked up on Market Street on a warrant issued by Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

Joseph Araujo, 25, of Bristol was arrested on a Rhode Island Superior Court warrant.

A baring dog call came in from Beth Avenue.

Thursday, April 3

A juvenile, 17, was pulled over on Main Street at 1:07 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, first offense, and refusal to submit to a chemical test.

Abullah Alkasim, 21, of Bristol, was arrested on a bench warrant issued by Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

A cow made a break for it and was later spotted wandering down Adams Lane.

Police got a call about two drunks yelling at each other on Market Street.

Soon after, a “group of twenty parties” were spotted shouting obscenities at each other on Water Street.

A caller saw a man emerge from the woods behind Wood Street with a firearm or pellet gun. Police confirmed it was a pellet gun.