Warren police logs: Chimney raccoon, kids in the trash

Warren police logs: Chimney raccoon, kids in the trash


Warren Police Sgt. Michael Marcello answers a call on his radio.Monday, April 7

Someone moved a pedestrian sign at Main and Washington streets. The police moved it back.

The sheriff asked for an officer to help keep the peace during an eviction on Overhill Road.

The animal control officer got called out to Prudence Lane for a report of a raccoon stuck in a chimney. He was unable to reach the animal.

Police dispersed several juveniles hanging around Water Street just after 8 p.m.

Tuesday, April 8

Police were called about a fight between mother and daughter on Vernon Street.

Miguel Rosado Cruz, 26, of 201 Main St., second floor, was charged with violating a no contact order and domestic disorderly conduct, after police were called to Main Street for a domestic assault.

Police got a call about kids rummaging through garbage on Metacom Avenue.

An officer found hypodermic syringes on Market Street. Others were found a short time later on Schoolhouse Road.

Wednesday, April 9

Someone complained about an excessive amount of trash along Water Street.

David A. Gracey, 45, of Framingham, Ma., was charged with breaking and entering a building or ship during the daytime, after a caller reported a problem on Water Street.

An officer reported seeing a large amount of debris and garbage at a market Street address.

Cody Cabral, 21, of Bristol, wa arrested on a warrant after a car sot on Metacom Avenue around 5:42 p.m.

Thursday, April 10Matthew Neves, 24, of East Providence, was arrested on a bench warrant issued by Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

A caller from Water Street reported seeing a man climb over the second floor balcony of an adjoining building and go inside. It turned out to be the owner, who’d locked himself out.

A woman reported being assaulted by her sister.

A Market Street shop owner reported shoplifting.

Roof racks were stolen off a car parked on Franklin Street.

Someone called about ATVs riding around in the fields off Chace Street.