Warren police log: “Odor of cow” complaint from Hanley Lane

Warren police log: “Odor of cow” complaint from Hanley Lane


Warren Police Sgt. Michael Marcello answers a call on his radio.Monday, Feb. 17

Thomas M. O’Connell, 56, of 15 Cutler St., Apt. 7, was arrested on a bench warrant out of Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

Someone complained that a person parked his car facing the wrong direction on Water Street. They tracked him down as he was eating his lunch at Stella Blue’s.

An injured swan spotted on Metacom Avenue was taken to the Warren Animal Hospital.

Craig J. Silva, 24, of 35 State St., was picked up on a bench warrant from Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

Tuesday, Feb. 18

Items were reported stolen from a business on Main Street.

Neighbors on Third Street got into it over snow, and the problems it caused with respect to parking on the small street.

A credit card fraud report came in from Lee Drive.

Someone complained that a person was driving a snowmobile adjacent to the East Bay Bike Path, near Beach Street.

Wednesday, Feb. 19

A caller told police that kids at Main and Luther streets were throwing snowballs at passing cars. Later that day, a similar call came in from Child Street.

A man came in to police headquarters to report being ripped off by his nephew.

Sean Jobin, 23, of 26 Davis St., was arrested on a Sixth Division District Court bench warrant.

Maria A. Mendonca, 52, of 54 Market St., was charged with simple assault or battery and disorderly conduct after a disturbance at his home.

Thursday, Feb. 20

An injured goose call came in from Barker Avenue.

Police got a call about a heavily intoxicated man on Railroad Avenue.

Someone found syringes on a Main Street sidewalk and alerted police.

Friday, Feb. 21

Police got a call about an intoxicated woman on Market Street.

Someone on Wood Street complained about loud music.

Saturday, Feb. 22

A caller on Stuart Street called police after spotting a sickly coyote just before 8:30 a.m.

A caller from Hanley Lane complained about “odor of cow.” The animal control officer went out but noticed no “odor of cow.”

A market Street man told police that someone tampered with his mail.

Police were called and asked to check on the well being of a man walking in and out of the roadway on Metacom Avenue, at Libby Lane. Turned out the man was heavily intoxicated; a rescue truck was called.

A Laurel Lane man complained that there was a dog in his yard, and that he was allergic to it. Police responded but didn’t see any dogs, and nobody answered the door at the man’s house.

Sunday, Feb. 23

A Wood Street resident told police that an upstairs neighbor was being too noisy.

Someone complained that a man was lying down on the bike path. He told them he was just taking a break, but police told him to be on his way.

Someone found a needle on the East Bay Bike Path, near Wood Street.

Someone complained about a loud band playing on Company Street.