Warren preps as Nemo nears

Warren preps as Nemo nears


Shovels were a hot ticket at Ocean State Job Lot as residents made last minute preparations for the storm.
Shovels were a hot ticket at Ocean State Job Lot as residents made last minute preparations for the storm.
sandAs Winter Storm Nemo chugged toward Rhode Island Friday morning, Warren residents were taking no chances and making sure they had all their bases covered for what could be a historic weather event.

Ocean State Job Lot sold its last generator — yes, they carry them, or did — by 9:07 a.m. Friday. At the same time, the store was selling snow shovels by the dozen, and the large bin inside the front door that held them had already been re-filled twice by the morning rush hour.

“We’re selling a ton,” a clerk at one of the store’s cash registers said.

Just south on Metacom and around the corner on Ridgeway Drive, the state DOT’s sand depot was also a popular spot Friday morning, as plow after plow pulled in and out to be loaded with sand for state roads in the area. Driver Joseph Pasqual said he wasn’t worried about the depth of the snow on the way, but he wasn’t looking forward to the weekend.

“The hardest part is going to be trying to stay awake for two days,” he said.

“Drink lots of coffee.”

Across town, there were similar scenes. At Tom’s Market, sales of comfort foods were up even as stock on many of the shelves, including milk, was down. The Warren Town Hall was open Friday morning but wasn’t expected to be for long. And Warren Fire Chief Al Galinelli, who heads the town’s emergency management efforts, said he was going to try to take it easy prior to the storm, as like Mr. Pasqual he doesn’t see himself getting much sleep over the weekend.

The town  should be in good hands, though, he said. Each of the town’s fire and rescue stations will be fully staffed by 4 p.m., he said, and will be thoughout the storm. All of the town’s generators have been checked, the trucks are gassed up, and everyone who might have to be called in for service has been notified.

“We’ll be here for the duration” of the storm, he said.


  1. It snows every year here in New England right? So every snow storm people are out buying shovels….what happened to your snow shovel last year and the year before? I can understand sometimes they break or you want a new one, but i don’t understand it.