Warren honors 40-year fire department member


Dennis C. Beaulieu has given 40 years of his life to the Warren Fire Department, and Friday the town said thanks.

The Warren Town Council meet at 4 p.m. and unanimously awarded Mr. Beaulieu, who was not present, a Certificate of Recognition thanking him for his 40 years of service. It reads:

“May it be known that Dennis C. Beaulieu has been a dedicated member of the Warren Fire Department for 40 years, having joined the Narragansett Co., Engine 3, in April 1972. During four decades of exemplary service he has acted as the Department’s Truck Steward and served as Captain of Special Hazards One. Mr. Beaulieu is hereby awarded this Certificate of Recognition with the appreciation and congratulations of the Town Council and the Citizens of Warren.”

Fire department members held a celebration in Mr. Beaulieu’s honor Sunday afternoon.


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