Warren hires new harbormaster

Warren hires new harbormaster


Warren has a new harbormaster.

Edward Cabral Jr., a Warren resident, volunteer firefighter and long-time conservation officer with the DEM, was unanimously chosen for the post after interviewing with the Warren Town Council Tuesday night. He beat out eight other hopefuls for the job, though only six candidates showed up for their interviews.

Mr. Cabral has worked extensively with the harbor patrol, and has served as the training officer for the Warren Fire Department’s marine rescue division for 13 or 14 years. He has worked as an environmental police officer at DEM for 29 years, focus on on marine law enforcement. Though he will stay on that job, he said it will not conflict with his part-time duties as harbormaster.

“As far as scheduling, I’m a lieutenant in charge of my own scheduling,” he said. “It won’t be an issue.”

DSCF0445_smMr. Cabral replaces former harbormaster Matt Calouro, who left the job last year with medical issues and in December informed the town that he was leaving the post. Mr. Cabral will be paid approximately $18,000 per year.

Mr. Cabral beat out several new faces, and familiar names, for the post. Most notably, he was chosen over assistant harbormaster David Pion, who has been acting harbormaster since Mr. Calouro left last year. He said one of his largest priorities would be making sure Warren has enough manpower to keep the patrol boat on the water more often than it has in the recent past.

Several other candidates made the same remarks. One, Bagy Wrinkle Cove resident Robert Hughes, a former assistant harbormaster in Barrington, said he can count on one hand the number of times he has seen Warren’s patrol boat out in recent years.

“We need more visibility out there,” he said. “It’s important for the town to have a better presence.”

Mr. Cabral was a unanimous appointment. Councilor Cathie Tattrie nominated him for the position, and her motion was seconded by Scott Lial.


  1. Who the hell is the guy in the photo? I’ve known Ed Cabral for over 35 years and that’s not him in the picture. Wouldn’t it have been better to wait and post an actual photo of the correct person…..come to think of it, that doesn’t look like Warren’s Harbor patrol Boat either!