Warren Charter Review Commission seats in high demand

Warren Charter Review Commission seats in high demand


The big race in Warren appears to be for the non-partisan Charter Review Commission, which later this year will take up the important job of updating the Warren Town Charter, which is required at least every six years.

Read the Warren Town Charter here

By Wednesday morning, nine residents had filed their intent to run for a seat on the nine-member commission, which will convene following the General Election in November. Members will have until June 1, 2016 to complete their work and present recommendations to the Warren Town Council.

The town charter spells out how Warren’s government is run, from setting the budget at Financial Town Meeting to the roles and responsibilities of the town council and town manager. There has been talk in recent weeks of amending it on several fronts; of possibly giving the town council more control over personnel matters; and of doing away with the Financial Town Meeting as a means of setting the yearly town budget, among other changes.

So far, candidates include:

Erin K. Kopecky (I)

Steven S. Silva (R)

Edward S. Ackley (I)

Julie Blount (I)

Sandrea Jean Speroni (I)

Andre A. Asselin (I)

Ely G. Barkett (D)

Theresa P. Catalano (I)

Jane Fiske Harrison (I)

Jane R. MacDougall (I)

Alexander B. Scott (I)

Dana K. Warren (I)

John R. Barker (I)

Jerrold S. Blitefield

William A. Estrella Jr.

George Edward Gempp Jr.