Warren building permits: Week of October 10

The following building permits are on file with Warren Building Inspector William Nash:

Adrian C. Boney, 20 Shell Road. Install 100 feet of post and rail fence in front of property, $2,000.

840 Main St. LLC, 840 Main St. Interior and exterior renovation and demolition. demolish west and south facade, remove tar and gravel roof, other improvements. $8,000.

Viola C. Marino, 23 Mason St. Strip and re-roof, $5,000.

Diana E. Letourneau, 51 Locust Terrace. Strip and re-roof, $2,000.

Ronald G. Strickland, 71 Beach St. Install shed, $1,000.

Henry D. Shoren Jr., 16 Ridgeway Drive. Install five vinyl replacement windows. $3,000.

Audrey Biernacki, 42 Vernon St. Dig foundation in basement, dig seven lolly columns. $5,000.

Roger E. Roy, 86 Canario Drive. Install replacement window in living room, $4,000.


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