Warren building permits: Week of May 8

Warren building permits: Week of May 8


The following building permits were recently approved by Warren Building Official William Nash Jr.:

1 Emery Road, Fernando Cruanes. Install three replacement patio doors and one replacement window, $13,000.

1 Terrace Ave., Joseph E. Rodrigues. Install replacement window, $2,000.

509 Child St., East Bay Community Development Corp. Replace 16 windows and entry doors, new sheetrock in two bedrooms, $7,000.

147 Water St., Leslie A. Gifford. Strip and install shingle roof, $9,000.

48 Vernon St., Robin J. Remy. Repair/replace clapboards, $6,000.

102 Seymour St. David T. Squillante. Strip and re-roof, $6,000.

60 Schoolhouse Road, Stacy L. Nile. Strip and re-roof garage, $2,000.

34 Kathleen Drive, Kevin J. Ford. Vinyl side entire house, $13,000.

17 Almeida Drive, Rosa Paiva. New roof, no stripping, $4,000.

22 Asylum Road, Trustee Kenneth E. Rix. Strip and re-roof, $7,000.

11 Almeida Drive, Fahrandal Forsyth. Strip and re-roof, $4,000.

56 Beach St., Trustee Helen Mercier. Replace six windows, strip and re-roof, replace kitchen cabinets, $16,000.

101 Arlington Ave., Jose I. Carmo. Strip and re-roof, $3,000.

44 Church St., Mary Healey. Install picket fence, $1,000.

107 Child St., Andrea Antonio Sambran Soracco. Install 13 replacement windows, $4,000.

48 Patterson Ave., Trustee Maureen A. Hebert. Install above ground pool, $2,000.

17 Overhill Road, John J. Killion III. Install 27-foot pool, $4,000.