Warren Building Permits, week of Feb. 27

Warren Building Permits, week of Feb. 27


buildingpermitsThe following building permits are on file with Warren building official William Nash Jr.:

Micheal Carroll, 119 Child St. Strip and re-roof two structures, $11,000.

VSH Realty Co., 66 Market St. Tear off metal on maisard and replace with architectural roof shingles, $5,000.

Dorothy Ann Travers, 80 Fatima Drive. Construct a roof structure over existing rear deck, $12,000.

Tara L. Hurley, 175 Main St. Install new fabric on existing awning frame, $2,000.

DJ Development Corp., 339 Market St. Foundation addition and modifications to receive new addition, $9,000.

Mark S. Goldberg, 211 Water St. Interior renovations and a one-story addition to convert two family dwelling into a single family dwelling, $45,000.

Carla P. Scarfo, 2 Brittney Lane. Re-roof house and garage, $13,000.

Tyfas & Co. Inc., Milwaukee Avenue. Construct two story single family home with a front entry deck and porch and rear deck, $90,300.

Blount Seafood Corp., 353 Water St. Remove four walls and install double LVL beam, $2,000.

Yomay JV LLC, 215 Water St. Strip and re-roof, $4,000.

Yomay JV LLC, 215 Water St. Remove a portion of existing building and install door, $2,000.

Gary D. Fenster, Seymour Street. Construct two story single family dwelling with attached garage, front porch and rear deck, $126,000.

McDonalds Corp., Metacom Avenue. Interior renovations, $150,000.