Warren building permits: Week of April 11

Warren building permits: Week of April 11


buildingpermitsThe following building permits have been issued by Warren Building Official William Nash Jr.:

88 Kickemuit Road, Eighty Six Eighty Six LLC. Re-roof over first layer, $2,000.

3 North St., Jeffrey Macomber. Replace rotted trim on porch and house door frames, $3,000.

400 Market St., Kerry A Tweedy. Vinyl siding on whole house, $4,000.

36 Brownell St., Leigh D. Berry. Remodel scond floor bathroom, $10,000.

65 Bridge St., John L. Lyons. Strip and re-roof with 50-year architectural shingles, $7,000.

728 Main St., Patrick T. Weissinger Griffin. Strip and re-roof with 50-year architectural shingles, $5,000.

40 Union St., William and Jeanne Barlow. Removing flooring and replace. Interior work, insulation, replace windows and cabinets, add batrhoom, pour concrete in basement, $25,000.

6 Terrace Ave., Daniel J. Richards. Strip and re-roof, install vinyl siding, replacement windows and one door, $32,000.

16 Maple Road, Robert C. and Doris Ann Brown. Strip and re-roof, $6,000.

22 Touisset Road, WIlliam D. Eydt et al. Enclose screened porch, $23,000.

5 Bay Road, Edward J. McGreavy. Replace 13 windows, $8,000.

4 Stonegate Road, Michael W. and Elizabeth A. Hudson. Remove standalone sun room and replace with new structure, $15,000.

18 Fern Drive, Kirklin C. Scott. Re-roof, $5,000.

16 Commercial Way, Allen Trust C. Re-roof middle roof only, $57,000.

440 Child St., Hirum Jamiel. Replace existing counter, new exterior door/replace interior partition and carpet. Replace existing light fixtures and paint exterior, $8,000.

9 Greenlawn Ave., Jennifer Perrotti. Strip and re-roof, new kitchen cabinets and counter, re-tile bathroom, $22,000.

246 Water St., Lombard John Pozzi Trust. Exterior renovations, $19,000.

177 Fatima Drive, David Andrew Baum. Strip and re-roof, $5,000.

390 Child St., Historic Grace Realty LLC. Strip and re-roof, $9,000.

394 Market St., Domenic Franco Jr. Repair garage roof and trim on house. Install replacement windows and replace rotted side shingles where necessary, $5,000.

11 Hall Ave., Alvaro and Dorothy Carreiro. Replace roof and 10 windows, repair exterior trim, add two new closets, $10,000.

27 Beach St., Shirley Cembrola Life Estate. Remove shingles from two sides of house and two sides of garage, replace with cedar shingles, $8,000.

9 Bay Road, Francis and Jennifer Rosato. Replace 18 windows into existing frames. Vinyl siding, $36,000.

21 Terrace Ave., John T. Coyle. Construct 16×20 addition, $17,60.