Warren building permits: April 2014

Warren building permits: April 2014


buildingpermitsThe following building permits were issued during the month of April by Warren building inspector William Nash:

20 Reservoir Ave., Walter Nencka. Install three windows, $7,000.

245 Child St., Robert Bescherer. Remove door and walls from storage closet, $5,000.

3 Milwaukee Ave., Ben and Rachel Grande. Install prefab shed, $3,520.

1 North St., Jeffrey R. Blease. Repair structural damage due to water infiltration, $6,000.

18 Highview Ave., Bert S. Rodrigues. Install vinyl fence, $6,000.

22 Asylum Road, Kenneth E. Rix. Replace skylight, $1,000.

329 Main St., Gary M. Rego. Install fence, $3,000.

62 Everett St., Replace round pool, $5,000.

53 Beth Ave., Raymond Palmieri. Removing siding on first floor, replace, $10,000.

211 Market St., SGNS LLC. Replace deck floorboards and framing, $2,000.

18 Luther St., St. Mary of the Bay Church. Replace rubber roof, $2,000.

26 Maple St., Bradley J.Olson. Strip and re-roof, $8,000.

569 Main St., I Shalom Co. Inc. Frame and sheetrock, $1,000.

Joseph Mira, 7 Kathleen Drive. Install pine shed, $3,000.

James F. Head, 259 Main St. Strip and re-roof, $9,000.

386 Market St., IDZ Holdings LLC. Strip and re-roof, $58,000.

Geroge L. Fontes Jr., 135 Kickemuit Road. Install wood fence in side yard, $2,000.

29 King St., Peter K. Sullivan Jr. Install fencing with gates, $6,000.

160 Water St., Town of Warren. Replace wood clapboards on second floor, north and south sides. $8,000.

6 Barden Lane, Frank A. Moniz Jr. Install vinyl fence, $8,000.

23 Kinnicutt Ave., Richard H. Andrews. Strip existing roof, install new, $8,000.

396 Market St., Delia Maria Fialho. Strip and re-roof, $7,000.

6 Brittney Lane, Donald S. Murphy. Strip and re-roof, $10,000.