Warren building permits: June 1-17

Warren building permits: June 1-17


The following building permits have been approved by Warren Building Official William Nash:

21 Arlington Ave., Valtero R. Soares. Replace existing fence, $1,000.

68 Brownell St., Hanne Monostory. Strip and reroof house and garage. Remove window, replace. $17,000.

223 Child St., John P. Mallon Jr. Replace stairs and entry platform, $1,000.

28 Market St., Twenty Eight Market Street LLC. Interior renovations to add new theater recessed into existing first floor and extending into basement, $75,000.

9 Pennsylvania Ave., Grace Batista. Install 84 feet of fence, $3,000.

28 Asylum Road, Town of Warren. Install prefab shed $4,000.

135 Fatima Drive, Ryan J. Cordeiro. Install fence, $1,000.

12 Munro Ave., Matthew Donley. Construct foundation, $3,000.

440 Main St., Rig Number 1, LLC. Interior renovations to four second floor apartments, $45,000.

1 Barton Ave., Daniela Roop. Renovations to kitchen, dining room and two bathrooms, $150,000.

23 Touisset Road, Mark A. Perry. Renovate accessory building, add windows and doors, $17,000.

56 Almy Ave., Michael Cappuccilli. Build deck in front of house, $4,000.

4 Brittney Lane, Oscar R. Almeida. Strip and re-roof, $9,000.

353 Water St., Blount Seafood Corp. Replace fence on water, $5,000.

48 Central Ave., Manuel A. Tavares. Strip and re-roof, $5,000.

28 Clark Road, Richard M. Silva. Install vinyl siding, $18,000.

4 Colin Circle, JPS Development LLC. COnstruct single family dwelling with garage, rear deck and front porch, $125,000.

236 Water St., Zachary Fenster. Strip and re-roof, $3,000.

571 Child St., Robert Franco. Strip and re-roof, $4,000.

10 Pokanoket Trail, Mark E. Pearson. Strip and re-roof, $11,000.

196 Touisset Road, Kimberly M. Reis. Lay concrete slab to be used in base of shed, $2,560.

509 Child St., Jonathan and Nancy Roberts. Replace stairway, $1,000.

6 Patterson Ave., Joseph J. Fillipino. Bathroom remodel, $4,000.

10 Emery Road, Jeffrey B. Yates. Install replacement window, re-side two sides of house, $6,000.