Warren building official Bill Nash resigns

Downtown Warren in the Spring.

Downtown Warren in the Spring.

Downtown Warren in the Spring.

Warren Building Official William Nash resigned his position Tuesday morning, saying he’ll give one more month to the town before his last day of work on Friday, June 4.

Mr. Nash said Tuesday afternoon that an opportunity arose, and he took it.

“I was offered an opportunity to continue to be involved in the code profession on a regional basis,” he wrote in an e-mail to the Times. “It was something I simply could not refuse.”

Mr. Nash’s role in town government had been subject of much discussion over the past year, as Warren sought to augment his department by creating a zoning enforcement position. However, that position has not been funded by the town.


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  1. BobDowney said:

    I can not believe no one has commented on this! This is great news! This man drove businesses away from this town in droves and caused unnecessary hardship on its citizens on a daily basis. Any time any discussion came up about Bill Nash, there was nothing good said by any party, ever. He was hardly ever in the office, and if you were to catch him, he would spend more time explaining why he can’t answer your question than it would take to answer the actual question. Inspections and paperwork were backed up by weeks, sometimes months while in the paper there was an article saying the office has been bringing 50% less in revenue, which means he has half the work to actually do! Too bad we couldn’t keep Bill Hanley, he had that office running like a fine tuned motor. So glad to see the reign of the Nazi building inspector come to an end.

  2. John Tats said:

    Most people chose to comment on Facebook for some reason…….


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