Warning, commuters: Gridlock in Warren

Warning, commuters: Gridlock in Warren


Commuters bound for Route 195, Route 6 and points north and east of Warren, be careful: A traffic accident on Market Street just before 8 a.m.102_traffic_jam_watermark-500x304 has caused a traffic nightmare. Police officers are at the scene of a relatively benign four-car fender bender near the Country Inn on Market Street; while the accident does not appear major, there has been a major impact on northbound traffic. The north lane heading toward Swansea and Route 6 is backed up as far as Arlington Avenue and the S-curve near Franklin Street. Commuters who usually take Market Street on their way to work might want to find an alternate route, such as Route 103 or Route 114 through Barrington.


  1. Call me crazy but we may see an elevated roadway go right over warren someday. The East Bay Elevated Expressway! 20 – 30 Feet high right over Metacom with no traffic lights! $10 toll. Or better yet, a tunnel from Cardi’s to the My Hope Bridge, Or heck , why not right across to that Island ova thaya! About 400 Million now, 900 if you sit on it til 2020, Come on RIDOT! Whip something up!

    And besides, our cars were supposed to fly by now wern’t they?

  2. nato61, you bring back a memory that back as far in the 60’s if i remember, there was talk of making a highway under the power lines that run from rehobeth to the mt hope bridge, but I believe our town leaders did nothing to support this idea, think how fast you could get off 195 and be at the bridge in 10min.