Vandals damage greens at East Providence’s Agawam Hunt golf course

Vandals damage greens at East Providence’s Agawam Hunt golf course


EAST PROVIDENCE — For the second time in as many weeks vandals struck a city golf course.

Three young men were arrested for their actions during the weekend of June 21 at Wannamoisett Country Club. In what at the moment appears to be unrelated incidents last weekend, the Agawam Hunt Club, located about a mile away from Wannamoisett in the Rumford section of the city, twice reported cases of vandalism in the span of three nights.

Agawam course supervisor Drew Cummins contacted East Providence Police on Friday morning, June 28, to report the greens on holes 1 and 17 had been damaged at some point overnight. It appeared the flag sticks on each green had been used to repeatedly “stab” the surface. On the 17th hole, a divot repair shovel was used to cut a one-foot section of the green. In addition, ball washers and divot repair boxes had been thrown into a nearby wooded area on the course. Mr. Cummins told police the same type of vandalism had occurred recently, but he refrained from calling authorities. Roughly $200 in damages took place during the incident.

Three days later, on the morning of July 1, Mr. Cummins once again called East Providence Police to report vandalism at the club. This time, three greens and hole cups on each were damaged to the tune of about $400. Mr. Cummins requested increased police patrols in the area during the overnight hours.