Using social media to win in 2012

Using social media to win in 2012


BRISTOL — Arab Spring, Trayvon Martin, Kony 2012, these are just a few examples of recent news events that have played out primarily through social media.

With each passing news cycle there is an increasing awareness of the role social media plays in reporting and in some cases shaping the news of the day. The 2012 election season will not be immune to this growing phenomenon. 

With this in mind One Bradford and The Chatter Group have partnered to support local candidates realize the power of this emerging technology.

Together they have designed a free workshop called “Using social media to win in 2012” at which candidates and their staff will learn tips and tricks to mobilize their volunteers, spread their message, fundraise, grow their audience and more. In addition to the information presented at the workshop they will unveil the “Social Media Campaign Toolkit.” “We can design your brand, build your social media presence and teach you how to reach more voters this November,” said The Chatter Group founder and president Kirsten DiChiappari.  

The Social Media Campaign Toolkit includes logo design and set up on Facebook , Twitter, YouTube and Google+ . Additional resources available include ongoing support, email marketing, website design, hosting and more.

The  workshop is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 14, 10 AM, One Bradford offices at 1 Bradford St. Brisstol, RI, 02809

RSVP to: Pamela Brgantino, 401-424-9142, [email protected]