Update: Warren police await answers in man’s death

Update: Warren police await answers in man’s death


Police are waiting for answers from the Rhode Island Medical Examiner’s Office, after a 44-year-old man was found dead in a Child Street home last Friday afternoon.

Police were called to the 169 Child St. home owned by Amelia Smith around 2:30 p.m. by a woman who said her son was not breathing. When they arrived, the man was unresponsive. As police units waited outside and inside, investigators from the Rhode Island Medical Examiner’s Officer arrived; several police cars stayed on the scene for more than 90 minutes after their first arrival.policeonscene

Warren police Lt. Roland Brule said police do not suspect foul play. However, their investigation is open while they wait for result from the ME’s office, he said. Though he would not comment further on the victim, other sources confirmed the deceased was John Francis Monize, 44.

Note: An earlier report quoted a neighbor who said at least one police officer drew a gun after responding to the residence. Lt. Brule said no officers drew their weapon during their investigation.


  1. Anyone with a police scanner and a brain knows that at least 3 other people were found dead in their homes in the last week, requiring the response of Warren Police and the Medical Examiner despite no apparent foul play in any of them. Not sure why this one is being treated like news that everyone needs to know, Ted.

  2. Not everyone has a police scanner in their homes and those of us who do, don’t sit around listening to it 24/7. I also don’t think we are all aware of the fact that 3 other people were found dead in their homes last week. That is certainly something that should be front page news!!
    Thank you Ted for keeping us updated!

    • It happens every day all over the state- people die unexpectedly for various reasons, rarely if ever due to nefarious purposes- when it is, THAT’S news. The fact that someone died for some reason is not news. In this case I’m willing to bet the activity just happened to catch the attention of someone at the Gazette as they were driving by .They certainly didn’t catch any of the others.

      The media creates news- as you see here- at least as often as they report it. Sometimes more.

  3. A death is news when it’s of a relatively young, healthy person and the death is unattended. The other deaths may have been of sick or elderly people. Therefore, not unexpected. Also, I haven’t met anyone with a police scanner since the 80’s, so it’s probably not a common thing most have laying around the house. Although, now that I think about it, my husband had downloaded an app for one years ago on his ipod. I’m sure it too is outdated technology by now. My condolence to the man’s family, as I’m sure they are reading this. I’m sorry we have to sit and defend whether or not your loved ones death is news worthy.

    • I left a comment that the editor seemed it shouldn’t be viewed, most people are tired of reading and hearing about people dying. All you have to do is watch channel 12 day in and day out. Putting it on the front page of the times as there is nothing better to report, but I was showing concerns for the family and friends that hadn’t been made aware of this tragedy.