Unauthorized Warren monument staying put for now

Unauthorized Warren monument staying put for now


monumentMembers of the Warren Land Conservation Trust still haven’t decided what to do about a large granite monument that was recently installed on Land Trust property at the end of Kelly Street.

The trust met for its annual meeting Wednesday night and though they elected a slate of officers for the year, members took no action on the plaque installed last autumn by John Pesce in memory of his father. The younger Pesce had donated the 14-acre tract of land overlooking the Palmer River to the trust last year, then installed the large monument after the transfer. Trust president Marilyn Mathison said at the time that she and others had given Mr. Pesce permission to install a plaque in memory of his father at the spot, not the monument, which is six or seven feet wide and five feet tall.

Ms. Mathison said trust members will discuss the monument and what to do about it in the coming months, but Wednesday’s meeting was not the time for that, she said.

“There’s so many legal issues involved, it was not the right time,” she said. “We want to make sure everything is in place” with board members and the like.

In other news, members elected a new slate of officers for the year, re-electing Ms. Mathison as president and Davison Bolster as vice president. Tom Sadler was named secretary, and Martha Antaya was welcomed as a new board member. Trust members also heard a talk from Wampanoag Annawon Weeden, who spoke on Native Americans’ ecological practices with respect to salt marshes. He will help trust members and Americorps volunteers plant trees and clear phragmites next month at Jacob’s Point, which is owned by the land trust.


  1. Let me see if I have this correct, Mr Pesce Donates the land to the trust and decides to place a monument at his expense to honor his father, but the Trust isn’t sure what to do about it? How about being happy he donated the land in the first place for starters, or even better. If the Trust doesn’t like the monument, they can give the land back to Mr. Pesce and it can return to the tax rolls! Then we can all reap the benefit from it! It is rather apparent that when someone is giving you something you should just learn to say Thank You and be happy with it. The monument is incidental to receiving something for nothing. Learn to Live with it, any other option makes the Town look un-appreciative with respect to this. Problem Resolved!