Two hurt in alleged school bus stop baseball bat assault

Two hurt in alleged school bus stop baseball bat assault


Warren Police Sgt. Michael Marcello answers a call on his radio.Two people were arrested, two others went to the hospital, and police seized a baseball bat after an ongoing feud between two school children escalated at a school bus stop Monday morning.

Police were called to the corner of Main and Wood streets around 7 a.m. Monday after getting a call about a violent assault.

When they arrived, they noticed a man and a juvenile with injuries; the man to his neck and the back of his head, the juvenile to the ankle. The man was sent to Rhode Island Hospital and the juvenile to Hasbro Children’s Hospital; police said they are related.

After talking to witnesses and those involved, police arrested Namorita Mitchell, 38, of 36 Federal St., and a juvenile.

Ms. Mitchell, who witnesses said brought a baseball bat to the fight, was charged with two felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of simple assault and one count of disorderly conduct. She was arraigned at Sixth Division District Court in Providence and was released on personal recognizance; the judge ordered her to have no contact with the alleged victims. The juvenile was charged with one felony count of assault with a deadly weapon, simple assault and disorderly conduct, and was referred to Rhode Island Family Court. Lt. Roland Brule said he was unaware of what happened in family court.

Lt. Brule said he does not know why the children and families were feuding. But apparently the dispute has been going on for some time, he said.


  1. For those who are unaware of the issue…I was one of the two that went to the er that day and the situation had started when Ms.Mitchell had approached me at my bus stop the morning before the incident and had her daughter go after me after a few words were exchanged.