Two goats found but others vanish in Tiverton, Westport

Two goats found but others vanish in Tiverton, Westport

Ted (black) and Bella (two-tone) stand by the Tripps' s steps in this photo taken about a week before their disappearance.

Ted (black) and Bella (two-tone) stand by the Tripps’ s steps in this photo taken about a week before their disappearance.
Two Westport goats are found but others in Tiverton and Westport have vanished in recent weeks.

Ted and Bella, two Nubian goats owned by Brian and Dawn Tripp of Narrow Avenue, Westport, turned up safe and sound in the care of Westport Animal Control Officer Donna Lambert days after their Thanksgiving weekend disappearance.

Mr. Tripp said that Ms. Lambert called him to say that she had two goats in her care that looked just like the two whose photographs appeared in the Dec. 13 Westport Shorelines.

He went to retrieve them and they were indeed his two goats, none the worse for wear for their ordeal.

He still suspects that the two were taken, especially since Robert Street is on the far side of Sawdy Pond, several miles from their Narrow Avenue home.

“In the three years we have had those two, they have never wandered away,” he said. “They stay right in our yard. I don’t know if someone picked them up, if they were scared or what … We’re just really happy to have them back.”

Happy too is their dog Bear who is best friends with the goats. “He wiggled all over when they came back.”

The Tripps had to make a small payment for food consumed while in town custody — a fair deal, he thinks.

Mr. Tripp said he appreciates expressions of interest and support that they received after the goats’ disappearance; callers said they would keen an eye out for the two.

One call came from Tiverton resident Joe Bossom who told him that he, too, had recently lost two Nubian goats.

Mr. Bossom said the two were securely penned and he is almost certain that they were stolen.

“Sadly, there is demand for goat meat,” he said, especially in the Fall River area. ” I’d like to think that they will turn up someday but the reality is that they probably wound up on somebody’s dinner plate.”

One of Mr. Bossom’s goats, from a few years ago at a Sandywoods event.
The goats were among a dozen that he and his wife Mike Seeger keep for milk — she uses the milk to make several varieties of cheese.

Mr. Bossom, who reported the theft to Tiverton police, said he knows of another Westport resident who said that he has recently had goats stolen as well.