Two Bristol men arrested after drug bust

Two Bristol men arrested after drug bust


Steven Sousa
Steven Sousa
automd1A Bristol man is out on bail after being arrested on several felony drug charges last week.

Steven M. Sousa, 35, of 6 Charlotte Drive, was charged with possession with intent to deliver cocaine, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance classified as molly, and possession of steroids.

Acting on a tip, Bristol police executed a search warrant on Auto MD last Thursday, Oct. 10, an auto garage owned by Mr. Sousa.

Police seized prescription-type pills, numerous cut baggies containing cocaine residue, scales and small baggies used in the sale of cocaine, said Dep. Chief Steven Contente.

Ryan A. Dupuis, 24, of 55 Court St., was also arrested on charges of possessing a suboxone patch without a prescription. Suboxone is a narcotic medication prescribed to treat opioid dependence.

The search warrant was the result of an investigation that lead police to believe that illegal drugs were being sold out of the auto garage on Magnolia Street.

Officers then went to Mr. Sousa’s home on Charlotte Drive where they allegedly found 18 pills suspected to be “molly,” 24 grams of cocaine ($800 street value), bottles of liquid steroids, another scale, ziplock baggies and unidentified pills.

Molly is a methylamphetamine, known more commonly as ecstasy. It produces a euphoric-type high, diminishing anxiety and increasing intimacy among users.

Mr. Dupuis also posted bail. Mr. Sousa opened Auto MD this past spring.