Truck overturns, closes Metacom Avenue during snowstorm

Truck overturns, closes Metacom Avenue during snowstorm


While the last snowstorm of 2012 was in full swing last Saturday night, a two vehicle collision sent two women to the hospital and left one truck on its side.

According to police, a car driven by Rebecca Sampson of Bristol was traveling north on Metacom Avenue around midnight. As she approached a condominium complex near the Benny’s store, she turned left, colliding with a plow attached to a 1997 Dodge Ram pick-up truck driven by Steven Dallaire of Warren. The Volkswagon being driven by Ms. Sampson spun into the northbound lane, while the pick-up truck, with plow and load of sand in back, struck a utility pole on the west side of Metacom Avenue. The truck rolled onto the driver’s side and the sanding apparatus and load of sand spilled onto Metacom Avenue.

The utility pole snapped at the base, bringing power lines down and causing loss of power to area residents. Metacom Avenue was closed to traffic while emergency crews responded. Ms. Sampson and another woman in her car were transported to Rhode Island Hospital. Mr. Dallaire refused medical treatment at the scene.

The road was re-opened to traffic at 5:50 a.m. after the debris was removed from the roadway and National Grid repaired the pole and restored electrical service.

The cause of the accident is still being investigated.


  1. What’s more amazing is, here we are 4 DAYS LATER (!!!!!) and the pole is still broken. NOT replaced!!!! A broken pole is a hazard, PERIOD!!! It is National Grid’s set area, I believe.