Tree crashes into Barrington home

Tree crashes into Barrington home


Mark and Rebecca Schneider will never forget Hurricane Sandy.

About mid-afternoon Monday, a large tree came crashing down onto the roof of their Terrace Avenue home, which they only purchased three months ago.

“My brand new, shiny house,” Ms. Schneider said.

Mr. Schneider said he noticed something was wrong when it looked like a carpet of grass was being pulled up along his front lawn, where the tree previously stood.

“The wind was barely doing anything,” said Mrs. Schneider.

Mr. Schneider said he got his wife and children out of the home before grabbing a rope, wrapping one end around the tree and another to his car parked in the road. Despite the setup, Mr. Schneider said he watched as the tree began to fall, dragging his parked car across the road.

The good news, said Mrs. Schneider, is that the car wasn’t hurt. It actually seemed to slow the tree’s descent and subsequent damage to the roof.

Mrs. Schneider said the couple wasn’t worried about the tree before the storm. She also had plenty of praise of DPW crews, which she said were on site within 10 minutes of the tree falling.

As of 3:45 p.m., the crews were still on hand. The tree had been taken off the roof and wood chippers and chain saws were abuzz on the street.

“We were so lucky they could come,” Ms. Schneider said.

Meanwhile, a couple houses down, another tree had crashed in the front yard of a neighbor.