Town receives $64,000 from Bristol Housing Authority

Town receives $64,000 from Bristol Housing Authority


The Bristol Housing Authority announced that its annual payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) to the town of Bristol will amount to $64,080 this year. The check presentation was made at the town council meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

“Presenting this check is always a great feeling for the housing authority, as we continue on our mission to provide safe, decent housing opportunities as well as be an economic engine for the town,” said Candace Pansa, BHA,executive director. “This year the amount is up by over $1,200.”

The Bristol Housing Authority was granted forgiveness of $20,000 on this year’s PILOT by the town council. That money will be put into sidewalk improvements at the housing facility.


  1. Forgive me $20,000 in taxes, and I’m pretty sure I’d have a great feeling, too.

    How about just pay the full taxes, and leave the warmy fuzzy stuff to just feeling warm and fuzzy for doing a good job.

    If you’re getting that much of a tax break…your accomplishment is somewhat diminished and or diluted. It’s OUR accomplishment…because we’re footing the bill with OUR taxes.