Town of Warren sends out pink slips

Town of Warren sends out pink slips


pink-slip3The Town of Warren has sent out a handful of pink slips to employees who are either losing their jobs, or having their hours and benefits cut back, following a vote of the public at the Financial Town Meeting earlier this month.
Last week, notices were sent out to four part time employees whose jobs will be eliminated at the beginning of the 2014-15 fiscal year on July 1. And on Wednesday, Warren Town Planner Caroline Wells received notice that her job will be cut to a part time position, with no benefits, starting on July 1. It is not clear whether Warren Building Official William Nash received a letter; he submitted his resignation letter a week before the Financial Town Meeting, telling town officials he will work until Friday, June 4 after accepting a new job with the International Code Council.
Part time employees who will lose their jobs in July include Maurice Clare, Warren’s Economic Development Coordinator; Catherine Gresh, a part time clerk in the building and planning office; Dawn Lawrence, a clerk for Warren Police Chief Peter Achilli; and assistant Animal Control Officer Kathi Krause. In addition, Ms. Gresh was the Warren Planning Board secretary, but submitted her resignation letter to planning board chairman Fred Massie on Tuesday. In confirming the resignation, Mr. Massie noted that board members voted unanimously Tuesday “to condemn the actions taken in the cutting of those positions, and to express deep regret.”

Residents voted to cut the full time positions at the Financial Town Meeting on May 19 to help restore funding to the Recreation Department and the East Bay Community Action Program (EBCAP); those cuts will save the town about $57,000 this coming year.

Further, council members had already voted prior to the Financial Town Meeting to eliminate the four part time positions, and others, though those cuts had to be approved, and were, by voters at the meeting.

Other cuts include:

$43,000 for part time help at the Department of Public Works.

$9,500 for overtime at the transfer station; the cut means that the station will now be closed on Saturdays.

In total, the cuts, offset by the return of funding to the recreation department and EBCAP, brought the proposed tax rate from $20.09 to $20.07.

Edit: An earlier version of this story contained an error regarding upcoming staffing arrangements in the building department.