Town of Bristol’s website gets overhaul

Town of Bristol’s website gets overhaul


Visitor’s to the Town of Bristol’s website may have to wait awhile for a connection.

The website has been temporarily disabled while technicians work to repair the internet path to the site. Users who tried to reach the site via a search engine were directed to a website selling sunglasses.

“The site has not been hacked, rather the path to it has been disturbed,” said Town Clerk Lou Cirillo during a meeting last Wednesday.

Diana Campbell manages the town website, which is hosted by Webhost4life. Both are working to resolve the issue, but it may take up to six weeks, Mr. Cirillo said.

But hiding behind sunglasses isn’t the only problem clouding the town’s website. Critics have complained that it’s hard to navigate and information is convoluted.

“Our search portion of the site searches the state of Rhode Island and (the Town of Bristol),” said Councilman Nathan Calouro. “What we can’t do with the website now, is have each individual department input information.”

Rather than upgrade the website, the town council voted to spend up to $21,000 to revamp the entire site, starting from scratch.

“It’s been hacked two or three times,” said Town Administrator Tony Teixeira. “The problem has been an issue. At this point, let’s not try to upgrade. We don’t have the capabilities within the current website to really move forward.”