Town of Bristol hosts tangible tax form workshops

Town of Bristol hosts tangible tax form workshops


The Town of Bristol is hosting two workshops for business owners to further explain the tangible tax audit forms.

The workshops will be held on two consecutive Saturdays, Feb. 22 and March 1, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m, at Town Hall. No appointment is necessary. 

In a letter sent to Bristol business owners Dec. 30, Bristol Tax Assessor Chris Belair stated that her office would be conducting an audit of  the tangible tax forms on all Bristol businesses. The reason, Ms. Belair explained, is to ensure that the town was taxing the businesses fairly.

“I’ve gone through these files, and some forms have just $500 on them,” Ms. Belair told councilors Wednesday during their regular meeting. “Well, what is $500? I can’t tax that or explain that if we get audited.”

Councilor Mary Parella said that several business owners had approached her, as well as Councilor Tim Sweeney, confused about the entire audit and questioned the town’s motives.

In her letter, Ms. Belair asked for copies of businesses’ IRS filings over the past three years. If someone was uncomfortable handing that over, she said insurance information would suffice.

“We’re not out to get anyone,” Ms. Belair said. “This will help the businesses, and make sure that  we’re taxing them on what they actually have.”