Tourister plan goes public in early October

Tourister plan goes public in early October


Tourister2The new owners of the American Tourister mill will lay out their plan for the property at an open meeting this coming Monday, Oct. 7.

Brady Sullivan, which purchased the sprawling Warren Manufacturing Mill earlier this year for $2.6 million, will unveil their plans for Phase I (the mill portion of the property) at a Warren Planning Board meeting scheduled fort 7 p.m. at Warren Town Hall. Theirs is not the first topic on the agenda, so the presentation will not start directly at 7 p.m.

The developers have not yet submitted an application to the town, but Warren Town Planner Caroline Wells said they are likely to base their plan for the property on a Master Plan approved by the Town of Warren five years ago. That plan was submitted by developers who walked away from the project long before Brady Sullivan came along. It includes a “mixed” use development that includes condo and commercial spaces, and would have required the construction of a third floor on the main factory building.

Ms. Wells said Brady Sullivan’s plan scales that back. While the old plan would have allowed up to 350 residential units, Brady Sullivan “will be looking for fewer residential rental units,” she said. Meanwhile, they will likely propose more square footage for business.

Though the public will be allowed to ask question during the meeting, the way they will be handled is at the discretion of planning board Chairman Frederick Massie.