Tourister developers redesign key building

Tourister developers redesign key building


Phase two building, updated design.
Developers of the American Tourister Mill have come up with an alternative plan for one of their planned apartment buildings, after members of the Warren Planning Board criticized the look of an earlier design.

The new design will be presented to the board Monday night as part of the Tourister Mill LLC’s Master Plan approval process.

The building, which would be built on the site of the large warehouse building at the south side of the property, would face the Warren River and would not be built until the project’s second phase. Estimates are that that will commence two to four years down the road. Since the mill lies in Warren’s Waterfront Overlay District, buildings must meet certain design criteria; an earlier version of the new apartment building did not meet that standard, planning board members said, with large bay windows and bumped out balconies. Mill developers said they would come back with a new plan.

Phase two buidling, original design.
The new design backs off from the large bay windows and metalwork drawn into the previous design. Balconies are bumped into the facade, giving an overall cleaner look than the earlier version.

Members of the Historic District Commission reviewed the new design last week and were expected to give their opinion on it at Monday night’s planning board meeting. It starts at 7 p.m. at Warren Town Hall.

The developers have provided their updated architectural plans to the Warren Town Planner’s office.