Tiverton’s Penguin Plungers raise $1,500 for library

With Cooper, a Golden Retriever owned by Cynthia Zeller, in the lead, Penguin Plungers 2012 beat a retreat from Grinnell's Beach waters.

Cooper, a Golden Retriever owned by Cynthia Zeller, leads Penguin Plungers 2012 out of beat a retreat from Grinnell’s Beach’s waters.

TIVERTON — At exactly noon on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013 an estimated 50 swimmers (and one Golden Retriever named Cooper) plunged into the frigid waters off Grinnell’s Beach in Tiverton.

“It was 35 degrees, and there was a breeze,” said Greg Jones, Commodore of the Tiverton Yacht Club (TYC), which sponsored and organized the second annual Penguin Plunge to benefit the Tiverton Library Building Fund. The group raised $1,500 this year to benefit the library, improving on the total of $1,000 it raised last year.

“The plungers were basically in and out,” Mr. Jones said. “Luckily it was high tide. ” A as one of the leaders of the event, “I figured it was my job to get everybody else in. So I was one of the first ones to commit. I didn’t linger.”

Spectators (about 200) outnumbered plungers, Mr. Jones said. The TYC The library helped to publicize the event, while Coastal Roasters donated coffee, and hot chocolate at the scene. Lil’ Bear Sports Lounge hosted a reception afterwards, providing a room and warm refuge, and sandwiches.

The event ended about 2 p.m., Mr. Jones said.

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