Tiverton police bust couple for fake prescription gambit

Tiverton police bust couple for fake prescription gambit

Matthew Poirier, 33, waited in car while female companion went into pharmacy, allegedly with fake script.

Editor’s note: This article was updated from its original version.

TIVERTON — At 7:06 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 11, a caller reported a suspicious car parked in the lot at the Rite Aid pharmacy at 677 Main Road. It was all downhill after that for a Warwick couple in the car, and their passenger, the owner of the car with a suspended license.

When police arrived, they found what Tiverton Police Lieutenant Patrick Jones said was “drug paraphernalia throughout the car, in plain view,” that included needles and heroin.

The driver, Matthew Poirier, 33, of Warwick, was found to be wanted under a Cranston arrest warrant (allegedly for passing a fraudulent prescription back in June), and was charged.

Police determined that Mr. Poirier had waited in the car after sending a 24-year-old woman, a passenger, into the Rite Aid pharmacy with the fake script.

When questioned, said Lt. Jones, both Mr. Poirier and the woman implicated each other.

The woman admitted the two were “were trying to pass counterfeit prescriptions,” Lt. Jones said. She alleged she had returned to the car after unsuccessfully attempting to obtain oxycodone in the pharmacy, using a fake prescription, and that Mr. Poirier got upset and assaulted her when she didn’t get what he had sent her in for.

In addition to the charges under the outstanding warrant, Mr. Poirier was charged at 11:20 p.m. with assault, with false representation to obtain a controlled substance, and with conspiracy. Police charged the woman only with false representation to obtain a controlled substance. The case against her was later expunged in Newport County Superior Court.

The third occupant of the vehicle, the registered owner, was not charged, although because he had a suspended license he was not allowed to drive his vehicle home from the Tiverton police station, where he had remained while his two companions were formally charged.