Throwback Thursday: Warren loves its cars



The illustration here ran in the Warren and Barrington Gazette 100 years ago this week. Elsewhere in the same issue was this short passage on cars. Wonder whatever became of those beautiful old machines?

Several hundred automobiles of many makes and styles were registered with the State Board last week. The automobile is fast becoming one of the necessities of life as well as one of the luxuries. Of the cars registered the following belong to men well known here: No. 6254, Everett L. Spencer, Barrigton, 38 horse power Peerless touring car; No. 9798, Alvertus Martin, Warren, 22 horse power Ford touring; No. 11929, William F. Baker, Barrington, 16 horse power Hupmobile touring; No. 11973, Horace D. Seymour, MD, Warren, 25 horse power Paige-Detroit touring.”