Three vehicle collision disrupts Hope Street traffic

Three vehicle collision disrupts Hope Street traffic


crash4A crash involving three vehicles sent at least one person to the hospital and forced partial closure of Hope Street just north of Gooding Avenue late Monday morning.

According to a witness who was walking along Hope Street at around 11 a.m., one car was stopped at the traffic light in the southbound lane near the Bristol Medical Center. The witness said that a flatbed truck carrying lumber materials, also traveling south, failed to stop and plowed into the stopped vehicle.

At the time of the crash, a second vehicle was pulling out of the medical center parking lot and was struck by the car that was pushed by the truck.

crash2Both cars came to rest on properties on the west side of Hope Street, one of them crashing through trees before coming to rest only feet from a house.

The truck remained at the traffic light where crews attended to the clean up of leaking fluids.

Northbound traffic at Gooding Avenue was temprarily diverted while the accident scene was cleared.

At least one person was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for unknown injuries.

Bristol police, fire, rescue and department of public works were on scene.


  1. Its amazes me that not only tv news but the local papers find it so interesting to report a vehicle accident, something that is so routine, but even when there is a tragedy result too. Who cares! You reporters really need to find something better to report on. A lost dog or a child getting an award would be more interesting. Think the word to describe this was Ambulance Chaser.