Three seek full-time harbormaster job in Bristol

Three seek full-time harbormaster job in Bristol


With the resignation of Harbormaster Joe Cabral, the town of Bristol needs to decide who will manage and enforce the town’s public waterways and docking facilities. When Mr. Cabral’s resignation was announced by town council vice chairman, David Barboza, the councilman said that he would like the hiring process to be put on the “fast track,” rather than risk public safety.

The position was quickly posted on the town’s website and, as of Oct. 23, three applicants were placed on the town council agenda for review at the Oct. 24 meeting.

During Mr. Cabral’s tenure, the harbormaster is a part-time position, paying an annual salary of $26,000 plus benefits. The assistant harbormaster, however, is a full-time position, with an annual salary of $45,500 plus benefits.

Under the recently revised job description, the new harbormaster will be employed by the town on a full-time basis, working a flexible 40-hour work-week and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Currently serving as the town’s assistant harbormaster, Matthew Calouro, of 118 Fales Rd. is an applicant for the harbormaster job. Mr. Calouro is also on the payroll in the town of Warren where he serves as that town’s harbormaster, a part-time position. He is currently on medical leave in both towns due to an injury sustained on the job in Bristol.

Besides Mr. Calouro, the other applicants who are seeking the position are Matthew D. Hayes, 3 Bradford Street and Stephen Annarummo, 12 Monterey Drive.

Under the revised job description, the new harbormaster will be hired as a full-time, 40-hour, employee. As outlined in the job description, for consideration, the harbormaster candidates are expected to have 5 years experience, as well as hold a U.S. Coast Guard Captain License. They must have harbormaster certification; a boating safety certificate or equivalent; appropriate law enforcement education/certification; R.I. CPR/AED life-saving certification; and a valid RI motor vehicle license.

The town council is expected to review the applicants’ qualifications before scheduling interviews. At the Oct. 10 town council meeting, Mr. Barboza said he wanted to fill the vacancy by Nov. 14.


  1. Barbara Healy’s letter in last week’s Phoenix was right on. There is no need to rush this appointment of a new harbormaster. There is also no need of a full time harbormaster and a full time assistant harbormaster. The Harbormasters budget is the only one in Bristol that takes in more revenue than it spends, therefore leaving a surplus in the town’s budget. Lets keep it that way.

  2. I agree with the above: this important job should not be rushed. I do think the duties should be split though and have a full time harbor master, and a part time harbor master/dock master/mooring manager. There is also no reason not to have a symbiotic relationship with Herreshoff Marine, Bristol Marine and Bristol Yacht Club to provide mooring surveys and management and launch service to a from town from our transient moorings.

    We are looking at a completely different make up on the Town Council and a new town manager. The new players should make the call, not have to live with someone elses decision.

    Also: I read last nights agenda and there are closer to 9 people applying for the job with at least two highly qualified applicant!

  3. That sounds about right. Full time harbor master, part time harbor master/dock master/mooring manager and a full time clerical in the office.
    I’m thinking total salaries plus benefits at 100,000.00 max.
    Part time positions(assistant harbor master) should not be eligible to receive town benefits.
    We need to keep this a profitable business for the town.
    There are lots of qualified people looking for work right now and so we need to act accordingly in the best interest of the taxpayers.