Third annual Fiddle ‘N Folk Fest set for Sept. 15

Haines Park will again be the location for the Fiddle 'N Folk Fest. This year's event is set for Sunday, Sept. 15 from noon to 6 p.m.

Haines Park will again be the location for the Fiddle 'N Folk Fest. This year's event is set for Sunday, Sept. 15 from noon to 6 p.m.

Haines Park will again be the location for the Fiddle ‘N Folk Fest. This year’s event is set for Sunday, Sept. 15 from noon to 6 p.m.

There will be music. There will be food. And there will be fun.

The third annual Fiddle ‘N Folk Fest at Haines Park on Sept. 15 promises to be an enjoyable event, offering different types of fiddle music, a variety of food options, and the chance for people to relax a bit amid the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Sydney Montstream Quas is a member of the group Bay Spring Folk and has been helping organize the Fiddle ‘N Folk Fest since the beginning. She said planning the full-day event — other members of Bay Spring Folk, Larson Gunness, John Wood, Greg Sadovnikoff and  Gary Deslauriers also play keys roles in bringing the festival to life — is a labor of love.

“None of us is making a penny,” she said. “This is just to showcase this great music and this great park. … It’s really a magical event. It’s good for the community.”

The Fiddle ‘N Folk Fest started three years ago as a fun, relaxing event. Ms. Montstream Quas grew up playing in fiddle contests and remembered how great the environment was at those festivals. She said she wasn’t aiming to create a fiddle contest with the local event, rather a concert of sorts. She wanted to offer people a chance to hear a different type of music, something they might not otherwise hear.

“It’s really low-key, and people understand that now,” she said.

This year’s festival will be much like the prior events — it will offer a mix of some popular bands (Pendragon and Bluegrass Invitation Band, for example) with some lesser-known artists. She said the performers will bring a variety of styles to the stage and are sure to please the listeners.

Ms. Montstream Quas said organizers are hoping that the better-known bands will draw in a crowd that may fall in love with one of the new performers. She mentioned Andy Grover, a musician who lives in Rhode Island and performs a sort of “swamp fiddle.” She said Mr. Grover actually rides his bikes to local events, strapping the fiddle across his back while he peddles.

“He’s just great.”

Ms. Montstream Quas said Haines Park — the space closer to the Bullock Cove boat launch — has become the perfect location for the festival. She said there’s plenty of parking, nice shade trees, and lots of room for people to sit (or dance).

She said she fell in love with the park after researching the area for the series of East Bay Bike Path informational signs she helped create. She added that the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management was “thrilled” to offer the park as the venue.

Last year more than 400 people attended the local event, and organizers are hoping that even more will take in the free show this year. She said planners were a little concerned moving the event to September — it had been held in August for its first two years — but hopes that the weather and youth sports events won’t keep too many people away.

“We think this is something that’s good for the community,” she said.

The event is being sponsored by Wildflour vegan bakery, BAY Team, RIDEM, the Rhode Island Statewide Council on the Arts, the Bay Spring Community Center, the Barrington Recreation Department and Barrington Public Library.

Check out the lineup

Local Brew Events’ third annual Fiddle N Folk Fest is on Sunday, Sept. 15. The free event is at Haines Park (near the marina) from noon to 6 p.m. Following are the bands and musicians scheduled to perform:

• Pendragon

• Bob Drouin & Rich Horwitz

• KC Moaners

• Janos Perge

• Bluegrass Invitation Band

• French Roast with Michelle, Alan, and Rachel

• Andy Grover n Hollow Turtle

• Sunday Night Jammers

• Emmalee Holmes-Hicks with Rachel Panitch

• Bay Spring Folk

• Old Fiddlers Club of RI


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