Teenage girl in hot water after pool-hopping incident

Teenage girl in hot water after pool-hopping incident



A Woodmont Court resident in Barrington called police on Sunday morning, Aug. 24, after he found some clothes, a phone and some beers in his pool.

The resident told police it appeared someone — or more likely, a group of people — had broken into his back yard and taken a dip in his pool the night before. He said he found a Portsmouth Abbey sweatshirt and a cell phone near the pool, and a beer floating in the water. He said a fence post had also been damaged.

The homeowner reportedly tried to track down the phone’s owner. Police also spoke to a neighbor across the street who has two children who attend Portsmouth Abbey, but the resident said she did not recognize the name of the girl who owned the phone.

Eventually police were able to contact the girl — an 18 year-old from Jamestown — who said she and some friends had been drinking at a Rumstick Road house. She said the group later decided to go pool-hopping and she had mistakenly left her belongings at the house.

The girl said she would fix the fence post, but the homeowner reportedly said she did not need to do that. He said he would just appreciate an apology; the girl later traveled back to Barrington to apologize for her action.

Meanwhile, police are conducting a follow-up investigation into the home where the underage drinking party occurred.